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BucksGammon in Chesham

Backgammon is probably the world's oldest game.  In a church in Broughton, Buckinghamshire, there is a painting, circa 1470, depicting a warning of the reprehensibility of swearing.  The painting has two Backgammon players, one striking the other with a sword.  Anyone who has played the game can understand the immense frustration that may cause the odd curse to escape from one's lips.  Think golf and multiply by one hundred.  Thankfully, violence over the board has somewhat diminished since the days when we all carried a sword at our sides.

Backgammon dates back further and early versions of the game were played some five thousand years ago.  It has not changed too much since then and has stood the test of time, drifting in and out of fashion and played by all sorts of people.  

Backgammon is a game that takes five minutes to learn but a lifetime to master.  One of the first lessons a new player needs to learn is that Backgammon is not just about the luck of the dice.  Backgammon brings in skills around strategy, risk and opportunity management, psychology, stamina, emotional self-control and as much or little mental arithmetic as you can handle.  Not too dissimiliar to the skills required of life itself. 

Learn how to play the game here.

In the past, Richard Biddle, has been active in growing the game in London with the work he has done with Backgammon in London.  Currently, he runs the London Players' Backgammon League,  North London Backgammon & Fulham Backgammon Club and has built up the profile of the game nearer to home at his favourite coffee shop, the Drawingroom.

The Drawingroom is the jewel in Chesham's crown.  Tucked away in the heart of Chesham, this art gallery also hosts music, live entertainment and other groups.  This is all backed up with an extensive but reasonable menu, making this one of the most welcoming and relaxed places to play Backgammon in the UK.

Whether you have never played before or you are an experienced player, there is something for everyone at BucksGammon.  We look forward to welcoming you. 

Please contact Richard Biddle if you have any questions before attending our BucksGammon evenings at [email protected]